Creative Services

Mavericks VFX offers a range of services in support of your creative vision. We are expert at fine-tuning stories for maximum visual impact.

VFX Breakdowns & Budgeting

We carefully assess what VFX techniques will best support your story's script and tone while respecting your project’s budget.

Concept Development & Pre-Viz

To understand your vision, our team of concept developers and storyboard artists collaborate with you before recommending VFX techniques for your story.

On Set Supervision

We’re problem solvers who appreciate the value of a well-run set. Solving, leading, saving: our team is on it.

F/X & Animation

Our team of artists and animators bring your ideas to life, giving shape, movement and soul to every aspect of your story.

Matte Painting & Environment Work

We employ some of the most experienced and talented artists in the industry.

Digital Compositing

Our highly skilled compositors polish each frame, combining all elements together for optimal effect.