The Expanse – Season 5


Airing on Amazon Prime, this season of The Expanse returns its focus to our solar system and finds the Rocinante crew largely separated and from each other while Marco Inaros launches the attack teased during the finale of season 4.

Deftly navigating themes of oppression and grief, tribalism and conflict, fear, loyalty and betrayal The Expanse retains its position as the best sci-fi show on television.

Our work on season 5  includes the creation of the Luna/Lovell City CG environment , the Archology buildings and ruined Baltimore.

IMDB: The Expanse – Season 5

The Expanse – Season 5 – Mavericks VFX Reel

Before and After

The Expanse – Season 5 – Official Trailer


  • CG Environments
  • Matte Painting
  • FX Simulations
  • Compositing